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The outline for a proposal essay is quite different from that of other essays. Although a proposal essay starts with an introduction and ends with a conclusion like most essays, it is the body of the essay that differs. Unlike the usual 3 paragraphs, the body of a proposal essay is divided into two parts. Here is what is common in the proposal essay samples.

Introduction– In the introduction, you must provide background information and essential details about the proposal essay topic that you want to pitch. Make sure that the opening is catchy enough to be able to attract the reader's attention. Start with statistics to reflect the magnanimity of the issue you want to address. Also, treat the last sentence of the introduction like the thesis statement.
Proposal– The body is divided into two major parts, and the first part is the statement of purpose. In this section, you write about the idea you propose and want the reader to adopt. Make sure that the idea is explained in details and that it touches every aspect of the topic.
Plan of action– Coming to the second part of the body, the POA is where you explain how you plan to achieve the proposal. You discuss what the steps are that can be adapted to redress the idea you have suggested. We suggest that you use a separate paragraph for every plan of action.
Conclusion– In the end, summarise the key points and include a call-to-action urging the readers to do something to solve the issue taken up. A CTA will help you make the essay more appealing. Do not make the mistake of including new information in the conclusion.

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